Coronavirus Webinar 2020

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Past Webinar Recordings

Town Hall: Bridging Racial Divides and Ensuring Inclusivity on Campus

  • Dr. James MooreChief Diversity Officer, Ohio State University, and a leading expert in DEI in higher ed.
  • Kimberly ChurchesExecutive Director,  American Association of University Women.
Bridging Racial Divides Podcast

Monthly Webinar Series

Brighter Monthly Webinar Series - BibliU and Rob Gibson

Leading with Empathy

Accreditation and Assessment with Ioncudos and Melanie Booth

How to Keep Your College From Closing

Student Access to Digital Content in the Era of Covid-19
May 28, 2020

with Dave Sherwood of BibliU and Rob Gibson
BibliU logo

Special Webinar - How to Keep Your College From Closing
May 20, 2020

featuring Randy Ruttenberg from Fairmount Properties,
Gary Stock of College Viability and
Sara and Ian Booth from the Peer Review Portal


What's Next for Higher Ed?
April 30, 2020

featuring Dr. Glenn Roquemore, President of California Southern University
Tom Shaver of Ad Astra

Gary Stocker of College Viability, LLC

Study Abroad in the Era of COVID-19
April 23, 2020

featuring Justin Velten - GoCulture
and Chris Lawlor - Learn International

Mental Health and Student Support
April 16, 2020

featuring Judith Law – Anxiety Canada
and Laura Burgis – Human Values Center

Preserving Mental Health During COVID-19
April 2, 2020

featuring Steve Joordens,
Professor of Psychology at University of Toronto Scarborough 

Webinar Powerpoint presentation
(our Zoom recording failed, unfortunately)

March 26, 2020

featuring Miriam Feldblum of the Presidents Alliance
on Higher Education and Immigration


Creating Coronavirus Contingency Plans
& The Value of Remote Learning with Uvii (via Zoom)

Creating Coronavirus Contingency Plans &

Crisis Communication
March 19, 2020

featuring Jonathan Friedman from PEN American
and Kimberly Gray from Uvii on crisis communications

March 12, 2020

featuring Bryan Alexander, extreme virus hunter Ken Stedman,
and Eddy Conroy from the Hope Center